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We want you to be happy! Period.

How do we do this? We do this by using fresh, locally sourced ingredients from scratch and pairing it with one of our Master Cicerone, hand-picked draft beers. And letʼs not forget a great and affordable wine selection and our own customized mixers!

How could it possibly get any better, you ask?? A late night dessert menu, of course! No, you canʼt stay the night, but weʼll be open late to give your sweet tooth (or cheese tooth!) the love and attention it deserves! For all of you non-cheeseheads, not to worry- weʼve got plenty of options for you! Sammieʼs, salads, and a lot more!

• Cream, Cheese, & Love – That’s it! • 

To some, Mac & Cheese is considered an “ordinary” side dish. We know better. Not only does the it/dish have the ability to instantly transport you back to your childhood, we treat it as the noble food it is! Our sauces are made from scratch, never from a can and never with any additives – Just cream, cheese, & love. Who ever thought that simple tasted so good? Once you taste the difference, you’ll never go back! But don’t take our word for it – Come in and experience it for yourself!

Our mission is to give you an elevated (and maybe even nostalgic!) food and dining experience. From the types of cheese and toppings we use to the beer and wine pairings, every ingredient has a purpose. While itʼs true that the culinary stars have seemingly aligned, make no mistake. What we do is meticulously thought out with passion, respect and love for the food. And you!

In addition to offering plenty of green vegetables (thank Mom for that), H&C is committed to doing our part to help the planet. While this is an ever-evolving practice (we’re not perfect), we do try to be as mindful as possible when it comes to sustainability. From our recyclable take-out containers to our biodegradable paper straws, we are mindful of the products we use in order to minimize our footprint as much as possible.

Green! Green!

(Did you hear that? We're green! )

Local Community

As a new neighbor, we are committed to making the local community a better place. We will be partnering with various local businesses for charitable causes.

Purveyors we work with include:

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